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Livonia Inn's Wine List:

Table 1: Wine List By The Glass & Bottle
Wine Brand Type Glass Bottle
Chardonnay Kenndall Jackson White 7 21
Pinot Grigio Salmon Run White 6.25 18
Reisling Dr. Frank Dry White 6.75 20
Sauvignon Blanc Kim Crawford White 7 21
Cabernet Beringer Red 5.50 16
Malbec Alamos Red 5.50 16
Pinot Noir Mark West Red 6 18
Zin-Cab-Merlot Manage A Trois Red 6 18
Zin-Cab-Syrah Apothic Red 6 18

Table 2: Wine List By The Glass, 1/2 Liter & Liter
Wine Brand Type Glass 1/2 Liter Liter
Chardonnay Rex Goliath White 4.50 8.75 17
Lake Niagara Widmer White 4.25 8 15
Moscato Corbett Canyon White 4.25 8 15
Pinot Grigio Folonari White 4.50 8.75 17
Reisling Blue Nun White 4.50 8.75 17
White Zinfandel Franzia White 4.25 8.00 15
Cabernet Lindemans Red 4.75 9.25 18
Lambrusca Riunite Red 4.75 9.25 18
Malbec Gotto Negro Red 4.50 8.75 17
Merlot Black Box Red 4.75 9.25 18
Pinot Noir Turning Leaf Red 4.50 8.75 17
Shiraz Ban Rock Red 4.75 9.25 18

Livonia Inn's Wine Selection:

White Wine
Kendall Jackson Chardonnay "Vintner's Reserve" California Flavors of mango, papaya and pineapple with aromas of vanilla and honey.
Rex Goliath Chardonnay California Aromas of apple and pear, spices of apple pie, tropical fruit and melon flavors.
Widmer Lake Niagara New York Crisp, semi-dry, fruity wine bursting with the essence of fresh grapes.
Corbett Canyon Moscato Chile Delightfully sweet with a soft, creamy finish.
Salmon Run Pinot Grigio New York Aromas of honeydew melon, lime and lemon with a taste of tart green apples and gooseberries.
Folonari Pinot Grigio Italy Dry and crisp with an elegant background of green apples and a clean finish.
Dr. Konstantin Frank Dry Riesling New York Fresh lemon citrus and apple with an intriguing blossom aroma and flavors of tangerine.
Blue Nun Riesling Germany Has pear and pineapple flavors with a hint of citrus and is relatively sweet and simple.
Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand Bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits, flavors of pineapple and stone fruit, the finish is fresh and zesty.

Blush Wine
Franzia White Zinfandel California A mild, lightly sweet wine, characterized by its blush color.

Slightly Sparkling
Riunite Lambrusco Italy Intense bouquet with hints of raspberry and wild black cherry, the residual sugar is well balanced providing a pleasant, fruity finish.

Red Wine
Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon "Founders Estate" California Bursting with luch, black fruit and cassis flavors, complimenting the baking spice and vanilla aromas. This wine can be enjoyed immediately.
Lindemans Cabernet Sauvignon Australia Medium to full bodied, combining dark berry fruit and cassis flavors with hints of chocolate, mint and subtle oak.
Alamos Malbec Argentia The mouth feel is full and rich, with cassis and blackberry flavors and a touch of chocolate and sweet spice from light oak aging.
Gato Negro Malbec Chile Full bodied, with ripe fruit flavors of plums and blackberries, also traces of pepper and chocolate.
Black Box Merlot California Red fruit aromas of plum, black cherry, vanilla and cinnamon, finishing with resolved tannins and sweet, red currant notes.
Mark West Pinot Noir California Heady aromas of cranberries, dried cherries and dried herbs, with notes of nutmeg. Expansive and silky with raspberry suggestions.
Turning Leaf Pinot Noir California Rich with aromas of cherries and berries, balanced by hints of spice and fresh earthiness. The taste is smooth and fruity with a light finish.
Banrock Shiraz Australia Sweet notes of black currant and plum fruit, accented by hints of anise, mocha and coffee with spicy black pepper on the nose.
Menage a Trois Zin-Cab-Merlot California These three grape varietals expose the fresh, ripe jam-like fruit that exemplifies California wine.
Apothic Zin-Cab-Syrah California The dark fruit flavors of Syrah, brambly spice of Zinfandel and the smooth elegance of Merlot. Revealing flavors of blackberry, cherry, hints of mocha and chocolate. A plush and full bodied wine.

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